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Our brands excel because they arise out of real consumer needs. We follow fresh insights to determine category voids, then we lay the foundation for new brand opportunities.



Coveted Products

Every product we create answers the call of a well-oiled consumer ecosystem backed by proven marketing strategies that generate desirability, affinity and growth.


Stronger Brands

We only invest in companies with the potential to achieve a $100M terminal within their first five years business.


To Innovate

Driven by curiosity and a passion for innovation, we examine consumer behaviors and manipulate trends to launch ground-breaking brands.


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The Corex Alpha is a full bodyweight training system that packs into a portable kit. Designed to let you do the same exercises and routines you'd do in a gym without ever having to step foot in one.
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Measuring what matters most, FitTrack uses high accuracy, dual BIA technology to monitor your body fat percentage, hydration levels, muscle and bone mass, and more.
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First of it's kind, Oscar combines the finest materials and cutting edge smart technology to create the most lifelike Smart Tree. Your traditions can truly define this beautiful line of home seasonal decor.
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We DreamBig

And Go Bigger

We’re determined to always be the best at what we do, so we’ve learned to work smarter. That means lots of blue-sky thinking and experimentation. Our process leaves no stone left unturned because we believe we’re only as good as our last result.

Healthy Employees
Are Happy Employees

That’s why we believe health is paramount. Our extensive wellness package includes monthly fitness opportunities and health benefits.

An Environment That
Supports Learning

At Cubert, we hire to elevate, not delegate. In addition to learning from your talented teammates, we encourage our employees to further develop their skills and support continued education opportunities.

The Competitive
Salary You Want

We know our employees are the key to our success, and we strive to keep them happy and motivated. That’s why we offer market salaries for every employee.

A Better Work-
Life Balance

As much as we love going to work, we value downtime and life outside of the office too. We’re proud to offer paid parental leave and unlimited paid vacation so you can stay inspired every day.


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