Our Brands
Redefining HEALTHY by
looking at all the numbers
True health is multidimensional and can't be defined by one number. We are challenging what defines healthy - it is not based on weight or waistlines. FitTrack’s digital ecosystem provides a full, interconnected picture of your body, tracking 17 health metrics, allowing you to truly understand your health. Our smart scale helps people make better decisions to care for themselves on their journey to better health and happiness.
Changing the
face of skin care
The true essence of Eskafil lies in the importance of slowing down and taking care of ourselves. We believe skincare is self-care. More than just a beauty brand, Eskafil is a lifestyle brand that enhances existing skincare rituals and regimens with a preventive and ground-breaking approach to skincare and life.
Caring for
your furry friend
Your dog’s happiness is your happiness. From Chihuahuas to Great Danes, Toby&Ace dog beds have been stylishly designed to optimize health, comfort and wellbeing, helping secure your place as your dog’s best friend.