The Next Phase of Simple and Accessible Health Management

Our CEO, Marius Ronnov sent the following email to Cubert employees earlier today.


Today is a significant moment for FitTrack, Cubert’s health management ecosystem, as we unveil the next iteration of our software, the MyHealth app. This marks a pivotal moment for the brand, as we progress into the next act of our business and deliver on our mission to democratize health management.

We should all be proud of the work we’ve done to bring MyHealth to the world. Together, we’ve built the foundation of a holistic solution for health management, the first of its kind. Available as a free and paid version, the app offers users an understanding of body composition (via the Dara scale) and provides one ecosystem for health reports, workout programs, and nutrition tracking, while also offering actionable insights. What we’re launching today is a culmination of nearly 3 years of experimentation. We have dedicated tremendous resources to understanding the needs of our 800K active users throughout their health journey. Using this data, we’ve created a groundbreaking product that does not exist in the market today. We’ve built, what we believe, is the path toward greater health outcomes around the world.

Empowering Users

When we started on this track, our original hypothesis was around preventive health through weight loss. It quickly became a thesis about what it means to provide insight and information that can drive accessibility in health care. From surveying and interviewing users regularly, we discovered there are many other use cases. Outside of weight loss, people want to feel better, and they are already using our products beyond what they were intended for in pursuit of better health.

We think of MyHealth as the second act towards greater insight and actionability, building off of the success of our hardware. Users are already extremely comfortable with having data around them. It’s common that many of us have some kind of smart device in our homes. We’ve learned that, by providing access to simple information at a very accessible rate, people can truly make greater informed decisions. It doesn’t mean they have to spend $500 on a smartwatch or $19.99 a month for an app. If we present data in a simple way and provide compelling education around it, users will be able to action the information to make better decisions about their health. 

Prevention First

The health care system in North America is based on reactive treatment rather than prevention. Healthcare is a business. Historically, knowledge has been hard to access and the result has created a strain on our healthcare ecosystem. Jeff and I believe prevention is the greatest tool, and technology is the answer. We’re focused on helping our community live longer, healthier lives and decreasing the financial burden that preventable diseases places on both people and the healthcare system. 

Personal health data is more accessible than ever and we’re uniquely positioned to provide users with insights about what their data means, and how it can impact future diagnosis. FitTrack has already started to lay the foundation here with a number of investments you’re starting to see come to life in MyHealth. This is just the beginning. We’re continuing to forge deeper with our products, services and partnerships that help surface risk factors and point our users in the right direction for them to prevent chronic illnesses. And partnering with the healthcare ecosystem is critical if we want to make an impact and shift the narrative to prevention and value based care. We are already building our products to support healthcare providers, payors and employers, with an initial set of partners engaged as we head into 2022. 

Looking Ahead

I’m excited about where we are today, but this is only the beginning of FitTrack’s journey. We’re clear on who FitTrack is, and that’s a leader in healthtech. We’ve honed FitTrack’s vision and our plan forward. There’s a lot of big problems that we can successfully help solve and the work we’ve done has positioned us as a leader in shifting the industry from reactive to preventive. Within the next 12 months, we expect to double our user base and size as a company. This will allow us to make a large impact, but it will also present new challenges. There will certainly be a lot of hurdles as we continue to learn in a very busy market. However, we also expect some great successes in the next couple of months.

As health data usage continues to evolve, we want to be there to lead the way. A lot of our time is spent on figuring out how we can empower users to do that in the best possible way. We’re committed to keeping our customers’ data safe and in their control, making it easy for them to delete their data at any time. We believe that health data empowers our users to better understand their health, giving them detailed insights to share with their healthcare providers should they choose to.

For example, if you are a patient that is managing diabetes, we can help provide valuable data that allows you to take action. This provides an improved understanding for the user of how they can better manage their health in the future. While this still falls under prevention, it takes the concept one step further by potentially preventing further health complications or a worsening of an individual’s condition.

We’re also improving remote patient monitoring experiences, where the user does not need to go to hospitals or doctors to get the same care as before. Essentially, we are creating the future of on-demand healthcare and management, one where you can build your well-being around a health hub – and MyHealth is the first step. 

For us, this is only the beginning of shifting the health industry. Our vision and team will help propel us forward as we continue to break down barriers, making health management accessible to everyone. We look forward to building this alongside all of you. 

Marius and Jeff